Professional Pre Sales Property Inspection Melbourne

There has always been a necessity of  having a pre sales property inspection before owning a property, Every buyer knows that a property seller is going to show the property in the best light possible. After all, the seller wants to sell as quickly as possible and at the highest price whilst the buyer wants to buy at the lowest possible price. There is of course, etiquette to consider in any sale and most participants only want to negotiate a fair price for the property. But the fact remains that any uncertainty or potential issue with the house will provide an opportunity for the buyer to back out or change their offer should anything come to light. For pre purchase building inspections Melbourne, check out our dedicated page.

Stabilise your price negotiations with pre-sales property inspections

As the seller of a strong property in today’s market, your position is already very good. You are best served in almost every case by levelling the playing field and removing any potential leverage the buyer might gain by exploiting hidden details about the property. With many years of experience conducting pre-sales property inspections across Melbourne, as well as pre-handover and pest inspections, Gallo Property Inspections know where to look when others might have forgotten to, or spot even trace evidence of a potential problem in the house.

You can engage our veteran property inspectors at any time, with the end result being a full report on your property professionally drawn up by our office and presented to you in confidence. We can point out where the selling points and pain points of the property lie, describe the nature and extent of any issues along with potential solutions, and ultimately estimate, with some accuracy, the value you should be aiming for with your sale.

Arranging an inspection of your property prior to sale can be helpful in a number of ways:

– Allows you to rectify any major issues (if any) prior to other inspections or reports which may be arranged on the property.
– No last minute reductions on the buyer’s offer.
– Saves you time arranging access for various companies inspecting your property during the pre-auction or pre-sale period.
– Increased clearance rates at auction as prospective buyers know more about the property and feel safe to proceed.

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