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The most common complaints we hear against builders and contractors at time of pre handover inspections in Melbourne are their total failure or indeed reluctance to put right or replace any faulty workmanship, incorrect material or indeed, downright negligent work.pre handover inspections

Under normal circumstances, it is completely understandable that such faults are not noticed until after the purchase has been finalised and the new owners have moved into the property. At this stage, any interest by the builder to rectify defects or faults has passed, since his concentration now centres on the next project and quite frankly, he has already received payment for this one!

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Our Pre Handover Inspections can help minimise these problems.

It is often the case that a site supervisor will be overseeing a number of new home projects at the same time. This often means that the supervisor is continually rushing between the various projects, and so occasionally defects or instances of bad workmanship can pass unnoticed. Unfortunately, once the handover has been completed, it becomes much more difficult to follow up on any defects you find after the fact. As with a warranty claim, once the product or work has been in your hands the burden is on you to prove any damage was inflicted before the handover, and that’s more hassle and trouble than anybody needs on top of building and renovation stress.

Our Pre-Handover Building Inspection is a must prior to you receiving the keys from the builder. This will enable you to be sure that should there be any defects, they will have been identified by us, thus permitting you to instruct the builder to undertake and put them right before you take full ownership of the property. We use the original plans and our own veteran knowledge of the construction and property business to double check the builder’s work, ensuring that materials used and work done was exactly as intended. If we suspect any shortcomings, they will be tested and documented before reporting to you so that you can go into any discussion – or it if comes to that, confrontation – with your builder armed with the evidence you need to prove a point.

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