Pre Auction House Inspections Melbourne

There are very few auctions where once the hammer falls and the property is yours, you are allowed to make the contract subject to a pre auction house property inspections after the event. We do all kinds of property inspections Melbourne house inspections in Melbourne area.

You should also bear in mind that when you come to insure the new property, any damage that was found to be in existence prior to your ownership, will not be payable under the terms and conditions of your new policy. This is particularly relevant when it comes to damage caused by an infestation of Pests and Termites.

It is far better to be completely aware as to the state of the property you are bidding on prior to entering the auction house. It is all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of an auction and often all sensibility is thrown to the wind as the bidding frenzy starts.

Our house inspections in Melbourne, which includes all the aspects defined in our comprehensive Building Inspection, ensures that you are not susceptible to such risks. Then when it comes to the auction, you will be fully aware of the exact condition of the property, which will enable you to consider the level of bid you wish to make. This can include an amount for future repairs of which you are now aware and will no longer be a surprise if you were to bid without this valuable knowledge. If you so wish, we can undertake a Pest and Termites inspection at the same time, thus forming part of our Combined Inspections offer. For general building inspections, click on the link for more information.

It is often the case that auctions are held at short notice and you would therefore require a Melbourne pre auction inspection undertaken at very short notice to ourselves. Do not let this hold you back. Just contact us on 0401 134 333 or email at and we will make sure that when you attend the auction, you are holding our Building Inspection report in your hand before you make your bid.