Professional Pest and Termite Inspection Contractor in Melbourne

Why you need a Pest and Termite Inspection Contractor in Melbourne, it’s because not a lot of people understand that it only requires a small gap of 2 mm for common timber pests to gain access into a property and begin infestation. The most common of these pests are termites. For home inspection services, check out our dedicated page by clicking on the link.

It is highly unlikely that a normal household insurance policy will extend to include damage resulting from termite or pest infestation. It would definitely NOT be covered for any pre-existing damage that occurred before your purchase of the property.

Our pest inspection contractor in Melbourne will of course comply with the terms and conditions of Australian Standard 4349.3.

Our detailed inspection of your property will include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

Roof Void

– Our inspection of the roof structure, in particularly the structural components will all be checked.
– During our inspection, we will identify if there has been any past or present activity as a result of termite infestation within this area.


– It is a fact that dampness attracts pests, particularly termites and so we will look for any signs of leaks within all of the plumbing and drainage installations.
– Our inspection of all the internal walls, particularly those in the areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry, will reveal any presence of damp, especially around the walls and floors. Dampness of any nature is highly conducive to termites.

Sub Floor Area

– The biggest problem we find with this area is the blockage of air vents, since this can restrict an essential continuous and sufficient ventilation of the area. We will identify any such blockages since the atmosphere created will offer an open invitation to possible termite infestation.
– Blocked up weep holes and poor drainage within the same area will be detailed in our report.
– We will pay special attention to those areas immediately below bathrooms and kitchens and will locate any water pipe leakages that may be present.


– Boundary fences, outbuildings and trees can be the perfect nesting area for termites and other pests, particularly if they are in a dilapidated state of repair. We will identify any such areas that may need attention.
– The build-up of soil from adjacent garden beds, inadequate drainage and overflowing pipes are another main cause of termite infestation. Any such areas will be highlighted in our report.