Necessity Of Pre-Handover Inspection

Why you need a Pre Handover inspections

You will get a very little time frame to inform your builders about any flaws once your construction is fully completed. In this regard if you don’t possess enough knowledge and skills of a builder, you might not be able to find the potential flaws of your house. This is really important when it comes to compliance with ‘building laws’ and the Australian Standards. This is exactly where a pre handover inspections proves to be very handy for both landlords & potential buyers. For any pre purchase building inspection services in Melbourne, contact us today.

General Defects Found at Pre-Handover Home Inspection stage

        1. Planter boxes ready to be filled complete with holes in the slab unfilled, permitting pests to enter undetected.

      Pre Handover Inspections Melbourne

      1. Poorly installed windows with weather strips folded in, allowing water entry in wind driven rain.
      • Filling and painting around the plumbing connection is not sanded or painted.
      • Timber left in the rebate makes an easy welcome for termites.
      Damaged sharking in the roof space.

    Getting a professional service from a reputed building inspection company consisting of experienced and knowledgeable home inspectors will allow you to take a breather of relief. A pre-handover inspection report after a thorough building inspection done by such building inspector always helps you identify any defects & errors before the opportunity of practical completion ends forever.

    Being a homeowner, you might easily detect areas which are manifested to naked eyes. But you might not be able to assess those more complicated areas where a potential problem can thrive and might create bigger problems in near future.

    Therefore, to fully protect your home investment, you need a professional and experienced building inspector who is fully qualified and equipped to look for all areas of non-compliance or failure to meet desired standards.

    An inexperienced eye is likely to overlook the hidden defects

    It is always better to get the help of a professionally sound building inspector who has all the necessary knowledge & ability to produce a comprehensive, in-depth and thorough pre handover inspection report. This report will serve you as your protective document if the builder claims to have made everything flawless about the construction.

    So don’t wait until everything gets out of your hand, call a professional pre handover inspector at once and get a complete peace of mind.  For your handover inspection in Melbourne.