Why Landlords Need A Professional Property Inspector

The occasional check up on your tenants is a part of being a property investor, but do you know whether you’re getting all the information you need to make an informed choice?

Traditionally, landlords rely on their property managers to bring decisions about the state of their investment to them – whether it needs repair, renovation or a fresh coat of paint, your property manager should be the first one to tell you. Especially if you maintain a portfolio of multiple properties, you won’t have time to individually inspect each property, and if you live a distance away from your investment, it can be a massive imposition to visit in person. For Melbourne property inspection services, give us a call today!

Getting the information you need

If you find yourself wondering if your place is up to scratch, the temptation is always there to simply go with the familiar. You know who your property manager is, you picked them yourself, surely you can rely on their reports to highlight any issue that you’d think were important, can’t you?

But the fact of the matter is property managers are just people, who can be rushed, forgetful or just plain negligent, leading to you not getting the full picture you need. In addition, they simply might lack the knowledge or the training needed to spot certain kinds of problems with a building’s structure, plumbing or other utilities.

Your property manager might be a whiz at keeping your properties filled and competitive, but they might lack information that could have a big impact on decisions about your investment. In these situations, you need someone with specialised knowledge.

Working in tandem

Choosing to bring in an experienced property inspector from a company like Gallo Property Inspections can help clear up many lingering questions and can give you the certainty you need. The beauty of these businesses is that they already know what to look for, so they can operate with minimal instruction without you being physically present. Obviously, it’s preferable to be there so you can direct the inspection, but choosing professionals means you can count on a more thorough, more in-depth report than you’d get from any property manager.

With many inspectors coming from a construction background, they understand what to look for, and can sport the warning signs of water damage or structural problems before they become serious – and expensive – issues. They aren’t a replacement for your property manager, inspectors provide an additional, once-off service that allows you to make more informed decisions with your manager about your property.

For information you can rely on, choose the team at Gallo Property Inspection. With a team of highly experienced property inspectors, each with a deep understanding of both common and uncommon problems that can arise in a home, we ensure that you get the support you need to make the informed choice, each and every time. Contact us today via email at support@gallopropertyinspections.com.au, or call our team directly on 0401 134 333 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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