Construction Stage Building Inspection Melbourne

Being a commoner it is very hard for someone to understand whether the builder you have appointed to build your dream house is carrying out their works in accordance with the proper standards of construction or not. This is where Gallo Property Inspections can help. Appoint us for a thorough construction stage building inspection on new house and be completely assured that your builder is doing the right thing. For home inspections in Melbourne, check out our dedicated page by clicking the link.

Here are some of the areas that are generally inspected during a Construction Stage Inspection :

  • Construction Stage Building InspectionPre Slab Inspection: Areas such as slab dimensions, waffle pods, waterproof membranes are thoroughly checked during this level of inspection. Steel reinforcement that is utmost necessary for the home to stand upright is also solely scrutinized. Our experts look for any flaw in the site drainage system that can affect the movement through the foundations throughout the course of time.





Construction Stage Building Inspection | pre frame inspection

  • Pre Frame Inspection: During this part of construction stage building inspection, the timber and steel frame where dimensions, structural connections and general construction issues sustaining to relevant Australian standards are thoroughly inspected. Other items include :
  • Room alignments, dimensions, and fixing of the frame to the concrete slab are checked.
  • The frame is plumb, straight and square and all the bracing has been rightfully installed.
  • Fascia boards and bargeboards are correctly aligned.
  • Any damage to the door and window frames, roof trusses are properly braced and installed to satisfy the needs of the manufacturers.
  • The structural flooring is properly fixed, fully leveled and does not move or squeak,
  • Insulation wrap is correctly applied and not damaged.



  • Pre plaster inspectionPre-Plaster Inspection: Though it is not exactly an integral part of the construction stage building inspection, still it is widely recommended as it enables us to check the following items :
  • Insulation to internal walls.
  • Electrical wiring for correct location of switches and power points.
  • Baths and shower bases fully installed.
  • Frame damage caused by the installation of electrical or plumbing pipes.
  • Bracing and Noggins.




  • Lock up inspectionPre Lock-up Stage Inspection: In this stage of inspection, the following areas are scrutinized for issues –
  • External wall claddings such as brickwork/polystyrene/weatherboards.
  • Fascia boards.
  • Roof claddings.
  • External doors and windows.
  • Articulation joints.
  • Barge boards and gutters.
  • Flashings and weep holes.

A visit after the layering of first 3 courses of bricks is highly recommended to make sure extra mortar is removed from the damp proof course membrane.



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  • Pre Final Stage: This inspection is carried out when the construction works are completed and all contractual criteria by the builder have been finalized. This inspection will minutely re-inspect all the items those have been inspected in the earlier stages and all completion items that have not been inspected beforehand.




  • Pre Handover: Building is Ready for Handover

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