Necessity Of Pre-Handover Inspection

Why you need a Pre-Handover home inspection You will get a very little time frame to inform your builders about any flaws once your construction is fully completed. In this regard if you don’t possess enough knowledge and skills of a builder, you might not be able to find the potential flaws of your house. This […]

7 Useful Pest Prevention Tips in Melbourne

You will find 3 common traits in all kind of pests. They need food to survive, water (moisture) to reproduce & shelter to thrive. If you can strip off at least any one of these, you will be more than able to prevent the augmentation of pests. Still, many a time it is not possible […]

Why Landlords Need A Professional Property Inspector

The occasional check up on your tenants is a part of being a property investor, but do you know whether you’re getting all the information you need to make an informed choice? Traditionally, landlords rely on their property managers to bring decisions about the state of their investment to them – whether it needs repair, […]