7 Useful Pest Prevention Tips in Melbourne

You will find 3 common traits in all kind of pests. They need food to survive, water (moisture) to reproduce & shelter to thrive. If you can strip off at least any one of these, you will be more than able to prevent the augmentation of pests. Still, many a time it is not possible as they get a natural inhabitance in your home. Having said that you are suggested to act yourself upon these 7 pest prevention tips to get rid of the most obvious signs of pests. Find out why we are Melbourne’s best building and pest inspectors here!


  • Roof & Gutter Inspection

Firstly, check out the roof for any cracks and leakages and ensure that all the gutters and downspouts are in proper working order without any blockages. Also inspect the pipes carrying rain water from the roof is working well and the throwing-end connected to the ground drain is fully covered up giving absolutely no chance for the pests to reproduce.



  • No Water Clogging Vicinity

Secondly, just make sure that there is no stagnant water stored adjacent to your house or in the enclosing vicinity of the house. Often a stagnant water in the surrounding areas of your house acts as a breeding ground for the flies, mosquitoes and many other pests. If you notice some, dry out the places as early as possible or install a French drainage system so that the water can get soaked keeping the foundation of your house unharmed.


  • Air Vent Inspection

Thirdly, you must check out all the air passing vents of your house. These are the specific areas which usually remain unchecked for a long time and because of that it tends to become a perfect hiding place for most of the pests. Therefore, it is advisable to clean these vents at least once a month so that it can remain a pest free zone.


  • Storehouse Inspection

Next one in the list is your storehouse. Storehouse is the place where we put all the scraps and useless items of our house making it full of dust and filth which makes it an ideal living place for the pests. These store houses are generally debarred from sunlight and therefore produces a certain dampness and harborage necessary for the pests to thrive on without any hindrance. Moreover, if the storehouse contains any wooden scrap, it might drag perilous termites along with the pests. Thus, it is recommended that you clean your storehouse or warehouse once in every three months so that pests do not get a steady livelihood.


  • Garbage Removal

It is always recommended that you should clean your garbage bin on a regular basis. Specially if those are organic ones. These organic garbages are proved to be the most suited place from where the harmful pests draw their sustenance and likely to spread many infectious diseases. If it is not possible for you to maintain a regular removal of the garbages, at least make sure you clean it on a weekly basis and put the garbage bin outside the house as well.


  • Interior Inspection

One of the proven breeding ground for the pests are the stagnant water of the vases, pots and flower tubs. If you are fond of flowers and have many flower tubs or pots in your house you just make sure that you clean the water from those tubs or pots so that no pest can make it their livelihood. Simultaneously, you must ensure that none of your interior or open-ended show-pieces contain any liquid that might attract mosquitoes, ants or even rats.



  • Call A Specialist

Having said all of those the best of them would be to get a professional service of a renowned pest and termite inspector. If you are not sure how to execute all those suggestions it’s better to go for their veteran service. Their experts would thoroughly examine the entire house and will provide you with all the necessary steps to get rid of the harmful pest. You are fully assured to get a complete peace of mind if you get their services in Melbourne.


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